Watch A Battle Rap Go From Bad To A Beatdown

11.11.12 5 years ago 39 Comments

I haven’t seen a rap battle turn violent in some time. Then again, scanning YouTube for rap battles has never been an online pastime of mine either. But, I can say with assurance I’ve never seen anything of this sort, where a guy named Scar Jordan slugs his wheelchair-bound opponent, Coach TDK. Whoever uploaded the clip didn’t catch the actual rapping part – which most likely sucked since because how good can a cypher be if nobody involved can keep a beat?* – so all we get to see and hear is a bunch of hooping and hollering until the one participant loses his composure and slugs Coach TDK. The shit quickly pops off.

Not for nothing, Shabooty perhaps said it best: “I don’t think that was as out of line as it looked because sometimes having a micropenis is just another form of being handicapped.”

* — The video description says the clip is being used to “expose scarjordan to have him banned from all further MLG events.” I think everybody involved should be banned but that’s just my opinion.

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