“When In Beef…” – Ali Vegas The Remix Freestyles

01.27.08 10 years ago 24 Comments

“…I know the code of the streets/Pop the pound at the loudest clown…”

Ali Vegas – Break-A-Dawn

It’s cool to hear De La’s beat given a harder sound with Vegas’ sharp nasal tone.

Ali Vegas – The Remix Freestyles (Tracklisting included)

A few other albums that have made their way to consistent play in my rotation.


This one was sparked by the recent Masta Ace & G.Rap posts. But I forgot the tape opened with the ill-fated lines “Main Source forever…” as Large Professor spoke too soon & the crew broke up right after this release. The tracks with Puba, Pharcyde, Ace & G.Rap are all well worth a listen.

J.A. Presents : Webbie – Young Savage Mixtape(Bootleg)-2008

While those chosen few of us wait for his next release, this mixtape is sufficient. The bass-heavy “I Like It” with it’s extra raunchy lyrics, gets repeated repeatedly.

Killer Mike – Ghetto Extraordinary (Unreleased Material)

Ahh…ever the conundrum, Mike collected various mixtape tracks & other loose songs, forming them as this release. While it has it’s ups & downs, the highs are high. “Mama Said,” “Speak Lord” and “Aye O” make it worth the listen.

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