“When You Walk Through The Garden…”

12.30.07 10 years ago 46 Comments

By next Sunday evening, you won’t need TSS.

Logging on and looking for us should be a foregone conclusion because we simply won’t be here.

Instead, we’ll be elsewhere…with Home Box Office, the police & some West Baltimore mopes.

The Wire Season 5

As the fifth and final season of The Wire begins, I’m happy to say I was there when it first started. Flipping channels on my chipped out cable box, I stumble across the last approximately thirty to forty minutes of the very first episode and my phone has been off every Sunday since any time an episode was on.

I was one of those who raved & bought into “man it’s showing how intricate this drug shit is” when Season Two was airing and others were knocking it because they weren’t in the bricks, panning in on Bodie, D’Angelo and Pooh serving from the orange couch. I still feel conflicted when I say that my favorite characters from the show are Robin Hood-type homosexual (Omar), a cop (McNutty) and a man who took the charge for nearly twenty murders for a sandwich with horseradish. I still get amped & start moving forward in my seat when Omar whistles that Elmer Fudd song, as if it was the first time.

So when Johnny-Come-Latelys – be they friends, the media or award groups – speak on the show, I just smile. I’ve already “walked through the garden” and keep going back.

I’ve got the first three seasons sitting downstairs in the DVD rack, covered in dust like old library books. And soon, I’ll have four…and then, reluctantly, be completing my collection with Season Five.

The Wire Season Five Special: The Last Word

Originally aired on 12.21, here’s a twenty-six minute special regarding the upcoming season.

Beyond Hamstredam: Baltimore Tracks From The Wire OST (Tracklisting Included)

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