Where’s “The Wire” Cast At Now?

04.28.11 7 years ago 22 Comments

If you had asked me where they were at prior to “The Wire,” I definitely would say Law & Order because I’ve seen enough reruns to know each and every character, minus Stringer and Avon, was either a DT, a witness or purported criminal in the long-running TV series. But post-“Wire,” I couldn’t say because my relationship with the boob tube has been minimized drastically since HBO pulled the plug on . Thankfully, our friends @ Vulture did investigating to see which TV show has the most “Wire” characters now. Now that’s journalism that editor Gus would be proud of.

“Last night was the premiere of season two of “Treme,” stocked once again with its wealth of alumni from David Simon’s last series, “The Wire.” But seeing all these welcome familiar faces is hardly a freak occurrence on television these days: Ever since “The Wire” went off the air in 2008, many dramas have been plundering its credits to cast their shows, whether for full-time roles or guest spots. But, we wondered, which series has used the most “Wire” actors?”

We decided to find out, with two rules: We only noted roles cast since The Wire finished its run, and only counted shows that have used at least five alums — sorry, CSI:NY (3) and In Plain Sight (4) — in order to focus on those series that exhibit true respect. Which show do you think has the highest tally? Watch on to see.”

Thanks: Vulture

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