Which Came First? Meth or Kweli

01.07.08 10 years ago 38 Comments

Well, it seems as if 2008 is bringing about a certain level of user-participation. Earlier, we got in a post-worthy comment. Now, we’ve got a question.

Diz writes…

Ayo, I got a question I thought maybe someone in the all knowing TSS Crew could help me out with. I’m sure you’ve heard the new 8 Diagrams album. On “Campfire”, 1:32 into the song meth spits the line “I’m tryna bring the sexy back like Timbaland and Timberlake”. When I heard this I thought it sounded familiar. Then, the other day I’m bumpin the Talib Kweli / Madlib album Liberation (which was released January ’07) and on the track “Time is right”, 1:50 into the song Kweli spits “Still I’m bringin sexy back like timbaland and Timberlake”.

Wuts good with that? Did Mef bite this line off of Kweli, or did someone else that I’ve never heard even spit it before these two? I was jus wonderin about that. Thought maybe one of yall might know. It aint even a hot line but I jus thought that was weird.

Heres the two songs if you wanted to hear for yourself.

The site kicks ass. Keep it up. Good looks. Peace.

Wu-Tang Clan – Campfire (1:32 mark)

Talib Kweli – Time Is Right (1:50 mark)

Well, if Kweli came first, then I’ll vote for Kweli. But in this era where you have Jay living off Big’s lines, I’d say just about anything can happen.

Again, one man’s opinion. Hope that helps.

Maybe we’ll start a “Dear Gottyâ„¢…” column.


Gucci Mane Ft.Shawty Lo & Sean P – Throwing Rubberbands

Ja Rule – Judas

Nino Bless Ft. Joe Budden – Times R Hard

40 Glocc Ft. Akon – Borrow U

Young Berg – How You Do That There

Spider Loc ft. 50 Cent – California

Ja Rule – Father forgive me

Pitbull Ft Flo-Rida- Move, Drop, Shake (Remix)

Small World Ft. Ludacris – Mr Magnificent

Nino Bless Ft Joe Budden & Jay Life-Times Are Hard

Chino XL – Posiden


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