#ComeAliveTour: Chromeo Drives Detroit Wild With ‘White Women’

05.16.14 4 years ago 5 Comments

Nearly four years ago, I popped my Chromeo live performance cherry. At that point, I’d been listening to the Canadian duo since 2007 – my senior year of college – and their retro-funk pop had pretty much become the brightest exclamation point on my personal playlist.

So, seeing them in Metro Detroit for their first national tour was something of a pivotal point in our fan-artist relationship. Thankfully, members Dave and P-Thugg rocked the Royal Oak Music Theater right that hot August night and lived up my lofty expectations, just as expected.

Flash-forward to last Friday. Same venue. New album. Yet, Chromeo still knocks my socks right off. However, there’s a lot more barefoot fans these days, due to their non-stop touring schedule and recently released fourth and most notable album, White Women.

After taking part in nearly every festival set in recent memory, these eclectic pop alternatives have clearly been able to improve their on-stage charisma and stage routine. The latest stop in their current Come Alive tour provided enhanced light wizardry, a bigger stage set, added choreography and an overall amped atmosphere, as a result. The chameleon crowd ate up each song the duo delivered, burning up the floor with flailing dance moves, to selections from every arm of the group’s career.

Chromeo 'Come Alive' Tour Detroit 2014

However, while personal favorites like “Needy Girl” and “Bonafide Lovin” got people riled up in the right way, Chromeo’s new cuts were surprisingly getting the best reaction. Space heaters like “Come Alive” and “Jealous” had everyone grasping for the ceiling, despite being relatively recent offerings from the group – which indicates a lot of folks in the capacity crowd were new fans. Yet, these fresh singles hit home for older fans, too. With background singers not being featured live, we were treated to P-Thugg’s always delicious vocodor work instead, which has always been a key asset to their throwback vibe and wasn’t featured on the album versions. A pleasant surprise, to say the very least.

Any and all fans looking to keep up with one of the most enjoyable groups of the last decade should make sure to catch Chromeo in any of their upcoming Come Alive tour stops and cop the new White Women album, which is now available everywhere.

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