“Whoo! Ah Ah, Ayahh, Ahh Ahh Ahh…”

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“Claim you’re gettin paid, but I can’t tell/You keep rappin in my ear got me mad as hell/You talk a good game but I don’t believe in you/You smoke a lotta blunts but I got more weed than you…”

Aiyo! Didn’t Short Dog, Breed and The Green Eyed Bandit straight flip on the simpliest of beats based around drum & guitar licks? I remember being in ATL when this track was hot & it came on the radio once hourly, in typical radio fashion, and I was never mad @ any time.

Too Short – “Buy You Some”

Earlier in the week and along with some other sites, we made it onto MTV’s screen for a brief blip of a second. While it was only a split second, when was the last time something you did made it MTV lol? I mean, fuck it joe, I grew up watching MTV…to see our little site’s black and orange layout on there…shit, I had to tell my momma.

Now it looks like we’ve made it into/onto Eye Weekly, a Canadian indie magazine. It’s cool to be recognized but I guess the whole “question the ethics” comment made me twist my face up a little.

Well, we have no true “ethics” when it comes to this thing except A.) we try not to be the first to leak retail material of artists cool enough to do Sessions with us, B.) we try not to co-sign crappy shit and only write about stuff we enjoy instead of finding music to hate and C.) we don’t put out on the first date.

I hate to sound like a 90’s crack dealer but if people don’t get the music from us, they’re going to download it somewhere, whether it be Dilla or JD. It’s out there on various forums, sites, databases, p2ps, torrents, et al. All we try to do is help you wade thru some of the muck by suggesting which artists and their material are worthy of buying and supporting. Downloading is not the only catalyst involved in the fall of retail albums sales. There’s many factors involved – weak material, lack of artist development by labels, failure to adapt to changes by the industry itself.

But I would like to thank Eye Weekly, because to be recognized for the work you do is heartwarming. Love is definitely love, no matter the form it comes in.

Plus, the more we catch these brief mentions in The Source, LA Times, MTV etc etc…our advertisting rates will be going up hehe.

And as I said in the MTV post comments, there’s no such thing as good or bad money, p*ssy or publicity. They just are what they are.

I can’t speak for the rest of the Crew, but I rarely turn down any of those three motherfuckers.

In other news & making the rounds to other sites…

DJ Drama speaks to MTV.com on Dramagate, his upcoming retail album & recovering from the whole fiasco. It’s hella good to see these dudes dust themselves off like true hustlers and doin their thing.

Frequent TSS contributor Boogie Tonight breaks down the beauty and history associated with Denice Williams as she sets to release her newest album, Love, Nicey Style.

The lil homie Sneek catches up with Fabolous to do a video interview for HipHopGame.

A whole lotta heat contained in this Loosies file. Start your day off right with these joints. Load’em on the playlist, burn’em to a cd, then just ride baby.


UGK Ft. Outkast – International Players Anthem

Musiq – Rewind (iTunes Bonus Track)

Musiq Soulchild – Movin On

Johnta Austin Feat. Dj Unk – Video

Robin Thicke Feat. Young Brandon – S.O.S Baby (Produced by The Neptunes)

Beyonce – Still In Love (Kissing You)

Plies Feat. T.I.-I’m In Love Wit Money

Prodigy – Summer in NYC (Prod. Sid Roams)

KRS-One & Marley Marl – Kill A Rapper

The Game – The Razor


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