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04.20.10 8 years ago 18 Comments

Maria Maria

Whoopi Goldberg Wants Gabourey Sidibe For Biopic [Singersroom]

Flash Mobs Are The Best Thing To Happen Since Sliced Bread [F-Listed]

5 Songs That Will Bring Out The Inner Stripper In You [I Had Heard]

Nelly Confronts Kat Stacks On Air [Hip Hop Wired]

U.S. Army Dismisses Rapping Soldier With No Benefits [AHH]

VH1 Ousts Trashy Reality Shows [Warming Glow]

What Gets You Banned From Xbox Live Until The Year 9999? [Kokatu]

New Kidz In The Hall Tour Dates [Brainiac Society]

Sharon Osbourne To Give Breast Implants To Ozzy [AP]

Majority Of Americans Don’t Trust Washington [NPR]

Is Duncan Done After This Year? [Layup Drill]

Video Games Can Never Be Art [Roger Ebert’s Journal]

Cookbook Pulped After Recipe Calls For ‘Salt And Black People’ [AFP]

Buy TSS Stickers [TSS]

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