“Why Don’t We Laugh At Death And Cry At Birth?”

07.17.09 9 years ago 17 Comments

I try not to get too personal with my writing or let it cross over into that might not be easy for anyone to relate to. But around the Gotty™ household, this has been one of those weeks. One full of lessons, but all revolving around Jada’s line referenced in the title. One that was made fodder for writing.

Not My House.

Last Thursday, my sister gave birth to my niece. We all gathered to welcome in KRC. No pics or actual info given because of child predators & nosey people. But just know, she was an almost 9lb bundle of joy & it kept everybody busy, including Uncle Gotty™.

Fast forward to this past Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. To keep the story as short as possible, murder struck rather close to home. Necole is my cousin and Valerie J is my aunt. J standing for Jean, as in My Aunt Jean The Junkie who I’ve used as a subject of my writing plenty of times.

On the weekend of the 4th (the same day of the McNair murder mind you), Jean hitched a ride back home with me because they live approximately twenty minutes away. We were rappin’ about a wide variety of things (because Jean specializes in gabbing, minoring in free association) and the topic of my cousin & her estranged husband came up. Their quarrels. How it was affecting the household & the kids. Never being one to bite her tongue for anyone, Jean & the separated husband had gotten into more than a few heated arguments recently as well.

Being that she’s in recovery almost a year strong, the best advise I could give one addict to another was keep working, save her bread, move out into her own place…but in the meanwhile STFU & stop antagonizing dude, because to me he seemed to have a little faulty wiring anyways.

Three weeks later, here we are.

As selfish as it sounds, I did take comfort knowing that no one in my immediate family was physically harmed & that at this point, the separation from the guy is a done deal, with a strong assist by his ignorance.

In completely unrelated “but it kept me busy this week” news, I’m usually absent on Tuesday afternoons & evenings, not that you may have noticed. It’s because Tuesday is “Kid Day” in our household. The rigors of family life & entertaining you fools online are time consuming to say the least. But trying to stay focused on what’s important, I back away from the keyboard and reserve my whole Tuesday afternoon for the childrens.

This past Tuesday, my daughter and I went to the movies. Actually, we went last Tuesday as well. When we got to the movies, the projector for Up wasn’t playing so we had to choose a different movie. Previously when we went, my daughter wanted to go see My Sister’s Keeper but we bumped into some family friends & she changed her mind, deciding to see Ice Age 3 with them. The lady warned then that MSK “was very sad.”

“Very sad” is an extreme understatement.

As tough as I think & know I am, I left that movie an emotional wreck LOL. SADDEST. MOVIE. EVER. Do not seek the treasure © O Brother Where Art Thou. Go no where near it.

Since it was midday, there may have been fifteen people max sharing the theater with us. There was one tear jerking moment in the movie. The movie was a constant succession of tear jerking moments. Now, I made it…but it was only because I was lucky enough to order an XL Slushee before going in and was able to use sips of that to knock back the repeated rising of a sugar lump in my throat. That & I had to hit myself in the balls a few times as a distraction to what was going on in the movie.

“But Gotty™, it’s only a movie. They’re actors. It’s not real.”

That’s right, it wasn’t real. I won’t reveal any spoilers or any of the real storyline, but just know that…fuck that, just don’t go see it unless you go with a female, especially one that you want to prove that you can be her shoulder to lean on. She will need you.

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