Will Brennan: A Regular Guy With Irregular Talent

11.13.11 6 years ago 5 Comments

A little bit of conversation can go a long way. While indulging in free everything at our BBMs & BBQ picnic at A3C, I started small talk with an up & coming MC, named Will Brennan. After briefly discussing where we grew up and in turn our penchant for the fast flow, this West Palm Beach talent casually asked if I wouldn’t mind listening to his material. After obliging, this humble fellow did his best Beretta impression and burst into a rapid-fire tirade that would’ve ended Ghadafi’s regime about six months sooner. It was clear, interchangeable and begging to feed on some beats. Needless to say, I did the unthinkable at an event like this and actually asked the guy for a CD.

Upon listening to Will’s A3C-specific sampler, I found out his music was as nice as his personality.

Coming from an area in Florida where the hip-hop scene is about as developed as LeBron’s three-ball, Brennan’s music is a hodgepodge of genres. Take “Get By,” for example. The first song on said sampler, this upbeat, piano-based ditty takes the meat from Austin, TX band Spoon’s song of the same name and allows Will to meticulously narrate how he manages to stay above water, despite being surrounded by it. On “Smells Like,” the easy-going artist goes a bit more mainstream, impressively shredding a dubstep version of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Then, there’s the jazzy “Jezebel,” which Will uses to dispel the twisted details of a mentally-taxing and bruise-inducing relationship. While all three are completely different sounds and songs, Will’s whole catalouge carries the same, atypical theme. And, with every rapper trying so hard to manipulate another region’s sound or swag, hearing something unique stands out in itself.

So, like Will Brennan, remember to keep your cool handy when you want people to listen to you or your music. If his approachable personality didn’t hold the same user-friendly qualities as his tunes, I may never have known any of this.

Will Brennan – “Get By”

Will Brennan – “Smells Like”

Will Brennan – “Jezebel”

As a bonus, check out this extremely well-done video vignette of Will B’s journey around A3C and his performance on our Perfect Attendance stage, courtesy of FeedOffRap.

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