Will.I.Am Ft. Lil Wayne, Britney Spears, Waka Flocka, Hit-Boy & Diddy – “Scream & Shout” (Remix)

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
01.25.13 13 Comments

Read the title and cringed? Don’t worry Wale’s Wyclef’s Will.I.Am’s “Scream & Shout” remix isn’t nearly what you expect. In fact, anyone familiar with the club-oriented original will likely agree that the souped up, street version – a merger of styles even DJ Khaled find envious – worked out well.

Find a way to clip out Will’s opening and the remainder of the record works fine, since it’s just Puffy poppin’ off lyrical champagne on bitches, Flocka still lovably clinging on to his “ohleedouittt!” phrase and Weezy planting seeds that will probably lead him planting a seed in Britney, creating tabloid fodder. No, chances are you won’t replay the novel number more than a few times but chances are hands will go in the air if you’re drunk at the bar and hear it.

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