Watch Will Smith, Son Jaden & Alfonso Ribeiro Having A ‘Fresh Prince’ Mini-Reunion Complete With “The Carlton Dance”

05.25.13 5 years ago 33 Comments

Most American fathers and sons share simple “guy stuff” traditions: picking up a sport, the older teaching the younger how to fix a flat or maybe going hunting together. Not the case for Will Smith and son Jaden, since they’re obviously not the average two.

While promoting their new movie (another thing most fathers and sons don’t get to do) After Earth on BBC One’s The Graham Norton Show, the host asked the two of how often they practice and perform together, to which they essentially replied never. On cue, Norton produced two mics and clears the stage for Will and Jaden to rhyme. Watch as Jaden kicks things off with rhyme while Will beatboxes (a skill he probably learned from Ready Rock C) and the two perform “Hello” and a mash-up of “Switch” and The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air theme song.

But they don’t do it alone. The clip damn near turns into a Fresh Prince reunion* as DJ Jazzy Jeff and Alfonso Ribeiro, aka Carlton Banks, join them for the performance. With Carlton there, the awesomely inevitable occurs as the Smiths and Ribeiro break into “the Carlton dance” when the old sitcom’s familiar Tom Jones hit gets played. Magnificent entertainment, people.

Edit: Tom Jones, not Paul Anka. Sorry folks, it’s Saturday morning.

* – Minus “black” Aunt Viv, for obvious reasons.

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