Reporter Kisses Will Smith, Will Smith Slaps Reporter

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Widely understood to be the most disrespectful form of corporal punishment, backhanded slaps are usually reserved for mouthy kids in the 1950s, mouthy women in the 1950s, and unfortunate sex workers. Leave it to Big Willie to bring us back to the classics.

West Philadelphia born and raised…I think that’s the part of the theme song that people tend to gloss over. As smiley and non-threatening as you think he is, The Fresh Prince is still from one of the toughest cities in America, and he’s the same dude that had Charlie Mack hopping out the limo first like “what’s poppin??!!!??”

will smith slap
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While attending the Moscow premiere of Men In Black 3, Will Smith borrowed the thunder clap Hand of God™ from Maino and slapped the dog shit out of a (male) Ukrainian reporter. The reporter, who is apparently famous in his country for his zany shenanigans, got a little too close for comfort and attempted to kiss the superstar actor on the mouth. Clearly upset, Smith pushed the reporter away and unleashed a four-knuckle death blow that nearly sent the would-be kissing bandit back in time to the days of the U.S.S.R. Not only did Willie Dynamite smack the reporter, he utilized a Rafael Nadal-esque backhand.

Ironically, following his whuppin’, the reporter looked a lot like Will Smith did after Ben Vereen didn’t pick him up for their father-son road trip on Fresh Prince of Bel Air. As his eyes glistened, and his bottom lip began to quiver, you can almost see a thought bubble filled with the words “WHY HE DON’T WANT ME MAN???!!!??” form above his head.

Uncle Phil could not be reached for comment.

Cred: TMZ

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