“Will The Bloods Kill Blue’s Clues”

08.09.09 9 years ago 9 Comments

“I Hope the Crips don’t kill Clifford cause he a cool dude.
And will they force Diego to join the Latin Kings.
My son 5, he trying to learn what sh** actually means.”

Cassidy is a damn fool in a good and a bad way.

The good? He has skill and sometimes he shows it. For instance, this track, it’s title and several bars in it are worth some giggles. At least they caught my attention long enough for me to click play and skip ahead until I heard Cass’ voice(somewhere around the 3:10 mark, to save you time).

The bad = his whole career. Aside from having the worst luck ever , he can never seem to comeback from said tragic luck.

Gotty™ already warned Melo not to mess with this kid and I wholeheartedly cosign. Cass is a hit and a miss kinda dude. Every now and again he’ll drop a hot verse or freestyle and some funny bars worth mentioning(like he does on this track) but when it’s album time, 3 times out of 3 he’ll release an epic dud.

Which is a damn shame considering he actually has some talent.


Cassidy Feat. Jag – “Gun U Down Tonight”

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