Willis Earl Beal – “Too Dry To Cry”

08.11.13 4 years ago 3 Comments

willie earl beal

Although I admit my knowledge of blues is limited, I’ve always found the music to be either filled with melancholy or bubbling with sexual tension. And, I know enough to feel the best of either of those elements working within a song. Somehow Willis Earl Beal’s “Too Dry To Cry” finds itself with a little bit of both working in unison.

The song’s filled with an old-soul sound and instrumentation and Beal’s voice is everything – drawing you into his story. Then towards the middle ending, he breaks down and belts out the line “I got nine hard inches like a pitchfork prong, so honey lift up yo’ dress and help me sing this song.” And all you can think in response is “go ‘head Willis Earl with yo bad self.”

Spotted: Giant Step

Photo: Press/Ben Pobjoy

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