With Leather & DraftStreet Are Giving Away Money

06.22.11 6 years ago 4 Comments

I hate baseball. “America’s pastime” was the first of the big three sports that I quit as a kid. Even though I pitched & played short, the game was too hot, too boring. As an adult, I’m still averse to watching any of games played prior to the last game of The World Series. But, when brother Brandon at With Leather told me I could win $100 by watching one game, I agreed. One thing I do like is money, especially the easy kind and the degenerate in me loves competition when stakes are involved.

Pretty simple.

1. With Leather has partnered with DraftStreet for what I guess is a fantasy game day. I hate fantasy stuff as well, preferring to spend my wasted Internet time sniping eBay auctions, but I digress.

2. Join by clicking here and signing up, which took me all of four seconds. Completely FREE.

3. Pick your squad.

4. Prepare to play on Friday, 6.24.

There’s a $300 prize pool up for grabs with 7 places paid. Cash money. No pesos or three dollar bills.

I plan to win one of those slots but that leaves six more for the rest of you schlubs.

Still need more info? Visit With Leather.

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