Wiz Khalifa Had Some Choice Words For Kanye West At His Concert

01.28.16 2 years ago 17 Comments

Wiz Khalifa apparently wasn’t interested in Kanye’s mea culpa after Yeezy’s Twitter tirade on Wednesday. Although Wiz held back on responding on social media, he didn’t bite his tongue during a performance in Argentina. As seen in the footage above, Wiz decided to get that angst off his chest while performing “Taylor Gang,” blurting out “F*ck Kanye!” in the middle of the song’s chorus.

For his part, Kanye couldn’t avoid being asked about the situation when he was in LAX on Wednesday. The paparazzi was in full force, trying to engage ‘Ye on the topic, and he did his best to dodge questions on whether he thought his comments on Wiz and Amber Rose were wise. When first asked, he replied, “I said what I had to say. I ain’t saying nothing else to y’all.” When the same cameraman continued to poke at him for bringing Wiz and Amber’s son Sebastian into his outburst, his response was short and sharp: “I told you I said all I had to say. Don’t ask me no more questions about it. Thank you.”

Safe to say the tension between these two won’t die down anytime soon.

(Via TMZ)

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