Wiz Khalifa – “Great 2 Be Here” Video

01.11.09 9 years ago 18 Comments

Golden era enthusiasts would lead you to believe every single song, album & artist from the time was great.the grass was greener, the sounds & messages more pure, etc.


For every Biggie, there was a one-hit having Lil Shawn putting “Hickies On Your Chest.” For every Jay, there was a Father MC, eeking out a few songs worthy of remembrance. Their “legacies” have only been given to personal histories, almost to this size of myth.

Enter a Wiz Khalifa into today’s time capsule. “Say Yeah” and his few mixtapes have caused some stir, which may lead to bigger things. Probably not. He goes so far as to affirm that “I ain’t make ya front page or ya top ten/I ain’t a hipster…” But that still doesn’t stop me from enjoying “Great 2 Be Here” as a nice song, mostly because of his nimble flow & the Jackson 5 loop.

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