Wiz Khalifa’s Free But What Can We Learn?

11.09.10 7 years ago 25 Comments

The leader of the Gang has been released after last night’s apparent arrest and comfortably free from the confines of jail, thus the Taylors are breathing a sigh of relief. I was once told that every man should go to jail at least once, just to understand the reasons why to never end up there again. The philosophy is obviously flawed, but it does speak towards the learning experience involved. To be clear, we do not know the full circumstances surrounding last night’s situation. Still, here are three things that both artists and fans should consider when engaging in social networking, potential illegal activity and the like.

1. ECU & Greenville cops broke “the traveling circus code” — It’s shocking that law enforcement and security officials violated the unspoken rule between them and traveling entertainers. Artists generally trek long miles on cramped buses and go through countless security checkpoints at airports while going city to city to earn a buck and engage their fans. They also ingest copious amounts of substances to cope and engage in all kinds of f*ckery that stardom affords them. Airplane regulations deter any irregulaties/ignorance from occuring, word to Petey Pablo. However when traveling by bus, the presumption should be that enough money is generated to make it more worthwhile to all parties – destination city and the ones that follow, the entertainer and entourage, etc. – that the artist makes the date, performs and quietly leaves town, on to the next tour stop. The role of law enforcement is to usher them safely to and fro…and conviently turn a blind eye for the sake of the city’s revenues. But…

2. Bold proclamations are cheered by some, but challenges to others — If you boldly say how you smoke oodles of O’s of marijuana per day, there are those that may take it as a boastful challenge. Chances are Greenville cops had their calendars marked for months.

3. Twitter can be your friend…and your enemy — Part of the trap of Twitter, like all social networking mechanisms, is that users feel free from constraints. The climate is composed of free flowing conversation and thoughts that maybe should be kept to self.

Why does Wiz, at this stage in his career, even tweet about weed? We all know he’s high. Why do most of these rappers proclaim their high-ness? They could at least shroud it in coded language. By doing it in the current manner, it’s the equivalent to Kat Stacks tweeting “I just woke up…sucked a dick last night.” There’s no real need to share certain givens; we’ll just assume it happened.

Broadcasting it on Twitter is just dumb as hell. If Curren$y just tweeted “Jets” or something, we’d know he was high. And it might even endear him to fans that feel cool enough to be “in” on his code words.

Apply this logic to Foursquare too. I’m waiting for a civilian to update, saying “I just became the Mayor of Panera on 4th.” Maybe it will cease once the next update includes teh message “Someone help! I was just robbed at gunpoint at Panera.”

With the rise of the net and it’s tools, it’s fortunately surprising that other rappers haven’t befallen a fate similar to Wiz. Yes, fans like to vicariously live through entertainers, but entertainers have to determine where to draw a line.

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