WNDRKND Delivers A Hit With “Balaclava”

05.18.14 3 years ago 6 Comments

Things that I never grow tired of:

1. Well-executed, conceptual songs.

2. Eery beats.

3. Beautiful, brown-eyed women.

There’s little that WNDRKND can do to quench my thirst for item number three on that list*, but damn if “Balaclava” didn’t deliver on the first two. Like turning down the wrong street in a sketchy part of town, the track – a narrative encapsulating the cradle-to-grave life of a criminal, set to the grimiest of beats – just sits with you in a way that’ll make you check your surroundings one, two, maybe three times.

The song is a primer for an as-yet unnamed project from the North Carolina emcee. Stay tuned for more.

* — Until a video is released. Because this song will need a video.

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