Video: She’s “Madder Than Fish Grease”

06.15.09 9 years ago 16 Comments

“A late night snack” on a Hoveround? Any idea why this lady needed…nevermind. If she wanted food, wouldn’t free food suffice for you? Don’t most White Castles have Church’s Chicken attached in a two-for-one restaurant deal? If they gave me free 2-pieces & those buttered biscuits for life, I’d crank my scooter up & forget all about it.

My mom had one of those little scooters. That’s until my Dad went joy-riding on it with my one year old nephew…hit some loose gravels & flipped that joint. Yeah, it’s been parked in a little shed for about six months following that incident. My dad does some bonehead shit. I think it’s genetics.

If you’re wondering, I’m assuming “madder than fish grease” is Minneapolis slang that translates to “as agitated as hot fish grease.” Otherwise, that’s hellacious personification.

Tough Customer Won’t End Siege Of Castle [Star Tribune]

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