Caster Semenya Is More Than A Woman…

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08.20.09 20 Comments

The strangest story I saw all day.

South African runner Caster Semenya, who won the women’s world 800 meters, was asked to pee in a cup after she smoked her competition. They didn’t want to test her piss for ‘roids or other PED’s. The judges wanted to see if she would stand or squat.

Upon first glimpse of the story, I wanted to throw my arms up, hit Rev. Al and go grab my New Balance’s. Then I heard all the accents & realized I wasn’t about to “walk” to anywhere or wherever this was taking place. Still, it just teems with racist overtones…until I started glancing closer.

She’s maaaad butch and manly (we’re talking Queen Latifah/Cleopatra in Set It Off manly) but after watching the run…at certain angles…I see signs of femininity. I mean, she does look like a man. She virtually came out of nowhere leaving the other chicks in her dust. Her shape is flat and her whole steez appears masculine, with the strong jawline & the Iverson ‘rows that don’t help the cause. So for now, I’m going to side against racism and let the “gender scientists” prove the point. I happen to think Our Kitchen Sink proposed a simpler test that can provide results much faster than the IAAF’s.

Now, if they said they wanna test her to see if she’s part monkey or some shit, we can revolt then & I’ll throw the first Molotov.

Real talk, this is a story thread that could have/should have been conducted with more discretion. If it’s unfounded, it leaves a woman & her father forever hurt. Furthermore, it leaves the International Amateur Athletics Federation looking mad…amateurish.

Accused Champion Semenya Not A Gender Cheat, Says Manager [CNN]

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