“Woop! Woop!…”

08.27.08 9 years ago 134 Comments

…that’s the sound of da police!

Issued by Hip-Hop Police Department (HHPD)

Citation # – SNWMN2008

Suspect – Mr. Young Jeezy

Offense – First degree swagger jack; Three counts of recycling

Witness Testimony #1 – Mundy

I know I’m excited as hell for the new Young Jeezy album. Every cut off that has been ridiculous thus far – I think we’re looking at album of the year potential. I know I’ll catch some shit for that, but whatever – that album is going to be a beast, and you can mark my cracka ass words.

Witness Testimony #2 – LC Weber

I was enjoying a quiet night at home with my pit, Dylan, wrapping up some emails, listening to yacht rock, when bloop! TC sent me a link to a Jeezy cut that took me back to 2006. How could that be? This was a new track. But ahh yes… Dilla had already done it. With Steve Spacek. And Dilla crushed that shit.

Jeezy can’t just go around Circulating beats and samples like Billy Paul does Dollars. It’s not right! On top of that, only a few MCs can successfully rap over a soul record like that. And by “a few MCs” I mean “Ghostface.”

When I told TC all of this he said…

Witness Testimony #3 – TC

That’s the 2nd time this album. He got a sample Freeway used for his last album.

Witness #2 – LC Weber

But it didn’t end there. When The Recession leaked yesterday, TC sent me more… like a never ending cycle of Xeroxed samples. This time it was Beanie Sigel. And yet still, here’s Mundy talking about this is the second coming. I’ll say. The second coming of other people’s beats.

Witness #3 – TC

I’d be lying to say [Jeezy’s] weren’t better though. Blame the producers.

Exhibit A

Steve Spacek Feat. Dilla – Dollar

Young Jeezy – Circulate

Exhibit B

Freeway Feat. Scarface – Baby, Don’t Do It

Young Jeezy – Don’t You Know

Exhibit C

Beanie Sigel – Look At Me Now

Young Jeezy – Word Play

Sentence – Community service of taking all recyclables to the iPod bin where they belong and leaving them there. Probation for life to keep a watchful eye and ear over Mr. Jeezy for future offenses. And though Jeezy’s album should prove fruitful, an apology is in order to folks who believe he’s one of the only artists left making radio waves who’s original.

Rick Ross C.O. Sidebar – Keep an eye out for Mundy. Spells of schizophrenia leave subject prone to questionable judgment, irrational speech and TUI (Typing Under the Influence.)

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