The World According To Julie J: More Heat For This Cold Weather

03.29.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

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As the week progressed and I was combing the Internet for things I could put in here, my face resembled that sweating/crying emoji more and more each day because it’s been a boring week.

But then I remembered, as I listened to songs, tapes, and videos starred in Feedly, while reading the world news via Drudge Report a couple nights this week, that it’s pretty wild out there. Russia is trying to take over the world, that Malaysian plane still hasn’t been found, and no one is talking about the radiation that’s probably extremely high in the fresh caught King Salmon I ate the other day, so no, it’s not that boring of a week after all. I even found some cool music, too.

Then, I saw that Lil B dropped “NBA Live,” which features production by Young Chop, 808 Mafia and Metro Boomin. I have to admit, I do enjoy the Based God’s curse on KD – not because I like or dislike KD, or really like or dislike basketball – because it amuses me. Once we lost the Supersonics out here, and David Stern was being a lil bitch © Big Sean for our NBA team not coming back, nothing was the same.

Lil B is basically legendary. When I saw him in the airport, wearing that baby pink hoody with “Love” emblazoned on it, it was a blessed experience.

“Based God?” I asked incredulously.

“Yeah, what’s up,” he responded, obviously very used to people calling him Based God.

Deniro Farrar Ft. Denzel Curry – “Bow Down” Video

True story, I could have started my video ho career in “Bow Down” (not surprisingly, this isn’t my first or last offer at appearing in a video at this festival…but this would have been more of a cameo than anything else). Since there is approximately one direct flight from Seattle to Austin each day, and I do what I can to avoid layovers if there’s any way I can help it, most of it was filmed prior to my grand arrival in Texas for that one music festival.

It worked out for the better, though, because those shirtless white dudes dance a hell of a lot better than I sure can.

k camp turn up for a check yo gotti

K Camp Ft. Yo Gotti – “Turn Up For A Check” (Prod. By Sonny Digital)

When “Turn Up For A Check” started playing, it gave off one of those feelings of rendezvous, or that I had heard it before. Something seemed familiar about it. If you’ve been religiously bumping K Camp’s In Due Time tape, then you’ll recognize “Turn Up For A Check” because it’s a song on there. The Sonny Digital produced banger gets a facelift, with a verse from Yo Gotti tacked on for this time around.

What if you were paid to turn up? That wouldn’t be too crummy of a gig. Personally, I’m too old for that, but maybe I could’ve handled it in my younger days.

jose guapo losie hustler

Jose Guapo Ft. Losie – “Hustler”

Jose Guapo has been popular down in Atlanta, and probably outside of Atlanta, too, but I should probably do some invetigative journalism and go invetigate what’s hot in Atlanta for myself verses relying on the Internuts.

For whatever reason, I still think of his music as being a guilty pleasure, and I still really, really enjoy it. He seems to be especially adept at pairing that sing-song rap with hooks that are constantly stuck in my head. “Hustler” features Losie, who also runs with the same crowd as Guapo, PeeWee Longway, and Migos, and it is set to appear on Guapo’s Cash Talk 4.

zuse bullet mixtape

Zuse – “Big Tymer” x Bullet Mixtape

Some people are just blessed with all the luck. Not only does Zuse have a cool accent that separates him from his rapping contemporaries, but he masters an array of songs on his debut tape Bullet.

He might be giving Casino a run for his money in the yell-rap department in “Red,” but as seen with “Big Tymer,” the rest of the tape isn’t a one-way shouting match at the listener. While he has a ferocity reserved for the 808 Mafia, Metro Boomin, and TM88/Southside beats, which are all dope, the more mellow cuts are what I’m digging, like “Big Tymer.” As one might guess with a name like “Big Tymer,” the song does pay some homage to the one of the best songs ever made.

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