The World According To Julie J: Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

04.19.14 4 years ago 5 Comments

travis porter hundalay

Travis Porter – “Hundalay” (Prod. By London On The Track)

You know how no matter what some people do, they will always get a pass? For example, Travis Porter. As much as I like them, sometimes I forget that they exist. On occasion, I find their CD that has a couple timeless cuts rolling around my car, and am reminded of their existence. But, “Make It Rain,” and to a lesser extent, “Ayy Ladies” and “Bring It Back,” have granted them a lifetime pass in the world according to Julie J.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and the trio have been pretty quiet in the last year since dropping their Mr. Porter tape. With “Hundalay,” not only do they remind that they do, indeed, exist, but they are making me happy that they’re still making easy music that’s suitable to ride out to. Plus, London On The Track is one of the many young, prolific, and talented producers out there, so no one should be surprised that they are making a poppin song.

smokers choice 2 peewee longway asap rock servin lean remix

PeeWee Longway Ft. ASAP Rocky – “Servin Lean”

PeeWee Longway had himself a street hit with last year’s “Servin Lean,” so the Internuts tell me. The song’s in my iTunes library and its home is on one of the trinity of tapes that Gucci dropped, unmixed and unmastered, at the same time (appropriately, on Lean, given the song title). Yes, it slipped under my radar, because three Gucci tapes? That’s self-explanatory.

Anyhow, time goes by, the song gets hot, and now A$AP Rocky has a verse on there. It wasn’t enough for him to hijack “trill,” now he’s coming for Atlanta. I jest…mostly, because him beefing with Been Trill is still in the back of my mind, too. Overall, it’s a risky move swapping out Gucci for Rocky, but it works. Now, all of Rocky’s little hipster fashionisto fans will be hip to PeeWee.

k camp wale off the floor

K Camp Ft. Wale – “Off The Floor”

“Off The Floor” finds K Camp basically sounding flawless as he teams up once again with his longtime producer Big Fruit. I swear, this guy has got the Midas touch when it comes to songs. I can’t remember the last time he had something disappointing.

Wale, as always, is infuriating. The mere mention of him irks me, and honestly it’s more so because of how talented of a rapper he is, rather than how annoying he is. Despite that, at the end of the day, someone says “Wale” and my immediate reaction is to groan. But, not surprisingly, “On The Floor” is actually better than what my low standards were expecting, even if that phrase is in the context of the song is more tired than me by the end of a workweek.

Migos – “Bedloo”

“Bedloo” blows my mind. Not only is this song as ad for an app, not only is this song perhaps the least annoying advertisement jingle I’ve ever heard, but is also has the distinction of sounding like pretty much every other Migos song out there. There is 0% shade in those preceding two sentences. I’m in awe.

Further Googling led me to discover what “Bedloo” actually is. Between the website description and the ad (this music video), it’s an app for super indecisive people such as myself, for other people to make the hard choices for them. Like, which black tank top do I want to wear tonight? Which Air Maxes should I wear? Should I carry a clutch or a purse? Should I wear the coke white coat or remove the sleeves and wear it as a vest? See, super important but clearly life altering decisions that I just can’t bring myself to make.

For a second there, I thought “Bedloo” was just something that I wasn’t hip to, in the sense of the people who thought they were saying “boys on the window” in “Bando.” But, nah, it’s a smartphone app.

In other news, Streets On Lock 3 is allegedly out Sunday. I use “allegedly” because I don’t believe anything until I have clicked ‘download,” and the file transfer has started.

Zach Farlow – “How It Goes” Video

Some of us may or may not still be in the proverbial rap basement that Zach Farlow has escaped from, but that’s “How It Goes” I suppose. One of the more lowkey cuts from his debut tape, “How It Goes” is matched with a fairly straightforward black and white video that follows Zach around Atlanta.

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