The World According To Julie J: Let’s Throw A Party Party Party!

05.10.14 4 years ago 5 Comments

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Lil Durk & Young Thug’s “Party” With Young Chop

Although I knew and hoped that “Party” would be everything that I wanted it to be, that artwork sealed the deal. Particularly how he’s got Young Thug listed in his cell phone. I will chose to believe that’s real.

Anyhow, the Internuts tell me that Durk is outside of Chiraq, and actually down in Atlanta recording material, and “Party” is a result of that. Is the fun, light hearted appeal of the song a result of changing his environment? Maybe, but it’s not super important to dwell on details like that.

While “Party” is a departure from what we heard on Signed To The Streets and in general not depressing or heavy, Young Thug’s stuff is all starting to sound the same. There, I finally said it. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Aside from the occasional song like “Stoner,” or “The Blanguage,” or even “Eww,” because let’s face it, “Eww” is the best response to practically anything and everything, most of Thugger’s songs are all blending together as one. And that’s coming from someone who likes him.

I also couldn’t help thinking about how old this song makes me feel, and I’m not even that old. It reminds me of those warm summer nights where everyone’s on vacation from responsibilities, and they’re all raging. Yes, this could be a summertime anthem for the kids. As much as I like “Party,” I don’t think that I’d be invited to their party, and I’m okay with that.

Young Scooter And Young Thug Do “Drugs”

Everyone was lauding Scooter’s other release of the week, “Hector,” as the second coming of “Colombia.” I, personally, enjoyed “Drugs” a whole lot more. Typically, Scooter sounds incredibly ambivalent toward just about everything everything. Whether it’s because his buddy Young Thug showed up for a verse – I assume they’re cool, just like I assume a lot of the Atlanta rap comes together in a super organic house party type of way – or because he likes “Drugs,” or maybe both. Whatever the reason, he sounds like he has an actual spark of personality in this song.

zmoney greatest trap show on earth mixtape

ZMoney Invites Us To The Greatest Trap Show On Earth, While He’s Incarcerated

For all its name implies, ZMoney’s The Greatest Trap Show On Earth jmight not measure up to some of the other tapes that are out there, but it’s a valiant effort.

Serving as more of an introduction to the young Chicago rapper, there’s new cuts along with old cuts. Last week’s stellar “Jug & Finesse” with Danny Brown is on here, but so is “Ben Franklin,” which was my first and only, really, favorite ZMoney cut that still hasn’t got old. Familiarize yourself now, or attempt wading through the three albums he plans to drop at the same damn time with 3mpire. Really, three albums at once? It was overwhelming when he dropped last year’s Heroin Musik and Rich B4 Rap simultaneously.

Johnny Cinco Has “No Choice”

Johnny Cinco finally drops off the visual for last year’s favorite of “No Choice,” which just goes to show that later is better than never when it comes to making music videos for dope songs. The QC Labelmate of Migos drops off the video for “No Choice.” Double Johnny’s talking about the old days.

He also just dropped his mixtape John Papi, which is infinitely far more interesting of a name to me that Johnny Cinco. I’m not really sure why, but I think it has to do with Drake calling himself Champagne Papi and me giggling at that.

“I Know” Lil Silk Might Sound Like Some Other ATLien Rappers, But IDC

Yes, particular rappers paved the way for people like Lil Silk. While that’s my way of acknowledging that he might sound like some other rappers who are currently hot right now, “I Know” is above that.

Though he acknowledged on Twitter that the shots in this aren’t aimed at anyone in particular, his feathers sound ruffled. Not literally, obviously – he goes by Silk not Feathers – but someone must have said something that bothered him and resulted in him channeling it into this song. Whoever you are, thank you. The particular highlight is that catchy, almost eerie hook that contrasts nicely with his weirdness.

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