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07.05.14 4 years ago 8 Comments

Young L “Allergic” Video x MVP Mixtape

Just when I thought I was getting bored with rap, because let’s face it, rap can get pretty boring, and feels especially boring right now, I listened to Key Nyata’s tape, and Young L’s tape, and my faith was restored for the moment.

Then, I heard Shad Moss’ new song, but I digress.

Young L’s tape had me feeling genuinely excited. It put a bounce in my step during my walk around Green Lake the other day, and for that alone, I’m appreciative.

After my walk, I stopped off at this overpriced organic grocery store to buy some food to cook for dinner. Unexpectedly, I ran into one of my huge rap nerd friends, and we talked about what was good in the genre.

“Key Nyata and Young L!” I exclaimed. (More on Key later, though).

I went on to explain how it almost reminded of me 808 and Heartbreaks, in the sense that the synths feel like oceans currents in the way that they’re gently moving. With not much in the way of actual rap, it is very experimental, but that’s always the case with Young L. When he’s not too busy with his Pink Dolphin clothing brand and actually feels like rapping or doing music, of course.

Then I specifically mentioned “Depre$$ed Oceans,” not because it’s the best song on the tape (“Allergic” and “Range Rover” are, in my opinion) but because of the borderline ridiculous mournful, chanting moans that are the chorus. To further illustrate just how unintentionally hilarious they are, I proceeded to mimic that sound, which is quite loud because it’s hard to be that mournful and to be quiet about it, in the middle of the grocery store, followed by “ohmygawd,” for a couple times. I can’t imagine that they’re not used to weird occurrences like that, though.

Given that I was excitable about the tape to begin with, I was highly pleased to see “Allergic” get a video.

DownloadYoung L – MVP Mixtape

ILoveMakonnen – “Club Going Up On A Tuesday” Video

After spending another week with ILoveMakonnen’s self titled EP, I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about it. His style and everything is certainly different, and perhaps I’ll grow to like it more in time.

It is, however, nice to put a face to the name and the distinct style of music. In many ways, the visual matches his music. Colorful, cartoon cuts, and not too intense or deep. Straightforward, and easy to enjoy without thinking too much. That shouldn’t read as a backhanded compliment, because so often artists try to get all detailed and too intricate, and that can impede basic enjoyment from the listener.

With Makonnen, Sonny Digital and Metro Boomin continue to keep taking chances, moving away from the trap toward a smooth pop song. If only all their music was played on the radio out here…although I’m sure that it’ll happen in due time.

OJ Da Juiceman – “Mathematics” Video

New Juiceman? New Juiceman! The past couple days have been solid for the Juicemen out there, with Juicy J dropping a couple new tracks yesterday, and then a visual from the ATLien. I know one person who wouldn’t be mad at a collab from the two.

This time around, though, “Mathematics” is spelled correctly.

2$ Fabo – “Flying Cars”

At first, “Flying Cars” was another one of those upbeat, happy sounding songs that I gravitate toward. The more I listened, the more I liked, blah blah blah.

From there, I thought of my friend singing “I feel like Fabooo, I feel like Fabooo” the other night (at the Future show if you were wondering where I was!), and I was happy that Thugger was paying homage to him and mentioning him so some new fans could potentially get hip to him.

I listened a little harder, and then felt like I made an important discovery about the fact that Fabo’s ultra futuristic song “Flying Cars,” sounded quite similar to the style in which Thugger tackled “Stoner,” with how he’s jumping between singing and rapping, only he’s extra soulful about it. The fact that his style on this one in particular sounds like Thugger isn’t a bad thing, just something I thought was cool.

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