The World According To Julie J: What Part Of The Game

07.26.14 3 years ago 7 Comments
que mike fresh que fresco


Que & Mike Fresh – ¿Que Fresco! Mixtape

Que is really adept at almost always leaving the listener wanting more. The main way that he achieves this is because he still hasn’t dropped a full length mixtape since last year’s Forbes Atlanta, which hit before he really popped off nationally.

We have yet to hear a 20-track or so tape from Que, but to whet our appetite he’s gone and got together with Zooly Gang member Mike Fresh to bless us with ¿Que Fresco!. With the help of producer friends like Zay, 808 Mafia, Sonny Digital, Metro Boomin, and the rest of who’s who in the Atlanta trap scene, it’s a highly potent and concentrated mixtape showcasing the two rappers. At 12 tracks, by the time it’s over, the listening is left wanting more.

But what’s more, the two play off each other. Mike Fresh is delivering the hook with an Indian accent on “Gas Station,” and Que is going off on “Yes Men,” on the dreaded, un-opinionated leeches known as Yes Men (spoiler alert!) in a way that would make Gucci Mane smile. There are the “OG Bobby Johnson”-like street tracks, mostly with the help of the obscene low-ends in the production, but overall, beyond the beats, it’s a fun listen between two artists bouncing verses and hooks off each other.

Key! Ft. ILOVEMAKONNEN – “Geeking”

I feel like it isn’t a stretch to say that ILOVEMAKONNEN has replaced Young Thug as The Internet’s Hot Guy Of The Moment, if only for the sheer amount of appearances throughout the week (I counted six of them). Thugger is probably too busy hanging out with Birdman and Paris Hilton, anyway, and taking selfies.

Out of all of them, Key!’s song “Geeking” that features ILOVEMAKONNEN had to be my favorite (I saw his tweet instructing us all that that’s how his name is to read so I’m rolling with it). “Geeking” is a bridge between both their styles that meets in a middle ground. Sometimes, Key! can get dangerously close to being a pop rapper, and he kind slows that down a little bit with the help of Makonnen. This isn’t the only song that they’ve done together, too, so here’s to hoping that Key! remains as visible as he has been lately.

“Down 4 So Long” was also another decent, albeit sad cute, followed by “Vodka On The Weekend” because that’s probably the most relatable to my life of his music.

PeeWee Longway Ft. Migos – “Came In” Video

As much as I’m a fan of Migos, PeeWee, and their music together and apart, I am also as big a fan of the whole matching pants and shirt look that PeeWee rocks fairly consistently. The video’s special effects are a nice touch as PeeWee progressively loses various articles of his matchy-matchy outfit, in an otherwise fairly standard rap clip.

Kari Faux – “No Small Talk” Video

As soon as I watched “No Small Talk,” I knew that I’d be useless for the rest of the night on account of having to listen to it on repeat. The Rap Game Daria does it again, coupling her quirky and dry sense of humor with equally amusing visuals. All the while, she’s way steezier than any of her male counterparts, who are probably the ones that she’s not calling from any of her three phones.

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