The World According To Julie J: The Beach Is Better!

04.05.14 3 years ago 25 Comments

migos rich the kid island

With the exception of like maybe two other people, your girl noticed that April 1st came and went without a peep from whoever the kindred soul is that’s running Gucci Mane’s social media and album releases. Those two mixtapes that were supposed to come out? Young Thugga Mane La Flare and Brick Factory Vol. 1? It was like a cruel, prolonged April Fool’s joke.

Fortunately, there were some other cool songs to drop this week. I, however, have been in Hawaii, and can confirm that Jay-Z was on to something in “Beach Is Better.” Of course the beach is better than the rainy cold of my Seattle hometown. Even if it’s raining here, it’s still better!

And this brings me to Migos and Rich The Kid’s very appropriately titled “Island.” While Migos, Rich The Kid, and I are all busy, our respective lives are filled with infinitely different stressors. I, for example, am not involved with and/or a victim of highway shootings, but my job carries its own stressors which are not worth thinking about while on vacation. Then again, I make it a point to never put stuff in writing that could possibly be interpreted as incriminating, so take that as you will).

It turns out that we all appreciate and need a tropical vacation to recharge, although I’m sure mine is a little less lavish than theirs would be. As long as I get tan, and eat a cinnamon roll at Cinnamon Roll Fair here in Kihei, I’m good.

Young Thug Ft. Zuse – “Treasure” (Prod. By Dun Deal & The Remedy)

There is a lot going on in “Treasure,” as is really the case with any Young Thug song. The guy is consistent. Add on Zuse, whose Bullet mixtape I talked about last week, and they make for quite the eccentric pairing with Thugger’s typical though always impressive spastic delivery and Zuse’s Jamaican dancehall-flavored raps. I would be remiss to also not mention Dun Deal’s track, too, with the low ends being impossibly low.

Let it be known that I really, truly fought the urge to make a lame pun utilizing the name of the song, to describe the pun, but I don’t want to disappoint Gotty™. I’ve already come so far, copping some Air Maxes instead of wedge heel sneakers.

Anyhow, Dun Deal is joining the ranks of producers who will be putting out their own compilation-type mixtape, with B.A.S.S. (Beneath A Silver Sky) in the works. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find the producer tapes to be more interesting, and have better replay value, than most artists’ mixtapes.

ZMoney Ft. Brickfare – “Bundles”

“Bundles” sounds natural. ZMoney is on another wavelength in this one, sounding more on beat than usual but still remaining true to his slightly off-kilter delivery. Can you imagine carrying thousand dollar bills instead of hundreds, in an attempt to simplify your life? I can’t, but that’s the life that ZMoney and friends live in.

Rome Fortune – “Damn Good, Damn Different” (Prod. By Dun Deal)

“Damn Good, Damn Different” doesn’t give listeners insight as to why he’s that way, but sometimes that’s not necessary. Just know that the name of this song literally couldn’t be more accurate in describing the ATLien’s style in regards to the rest of Atlanta. It’s best to not overthink things, so I’m told, so I’ll leave it at that.

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