The World According To Julie J: Make’em Say UGGHHH!

03.01.14 4 years ago 10 Comments

When we were first throwing ideas around about what this column would be, Gotty referred to it as “Julie Love.” I couldn’t think of any other appropriate names, not even something Juicy J related, and was cool with that simple, two word title. It’s easy, to the point, and would make a great hashtag. Plus, it’s written by yours truly, on songs, tapes, and maybe even some wedge heel sneakers, that I love. #JULIELOVE! (Please know that Gotty cringed as he read that, and I cackled).

Gotty, however, said no, saying that it was “inappropriate” for some reason. Who knows.

k camp oh no tm88
K. Camp – “Oh No” (Prod. By TM88)

With fame and success comes the fact that people will be leaches and try to screw you over, or take advantage of you, or use you. Accordingly, K Camp can’t trust a lot of people.

On the flipside, if he’s making a song about the haters, though, he must actually give a damn. But that’s more than okay because he’s got himself a particularly nasty TM88 beat, and “Oh No” will rattle my car apart.

young thug bloody jay parade black portland
Young Thug & Bloody Jay – “Parade”

As I read Young Thug and Bloody Jay’s explanation to Fader as to why they named their tape and themselves Black Portland, my first thought was, “Have they even been there?”

Having spent four years of my life there for college, too, as well as the occasional roadtrips up and down I-5 since graduating, everything that I read in that title expose seemed a little off, but who am I to judge? It is, after all, Bloody Jay, who is a weirdo by associatioin to Young Thug. Maybe that whole “Keep Portland Weird” slogan is a little more relevant that I thought… But I digress.

Those two are still going by Black Portland, and are still making music together. “Parade” is their overtly triumphant and celebratory next single from True Blood, which is the name of their next project. I wonder if they’ve watched that show? I haven’t, so no comment from me.

master p the gift return of the ice cream man mixtape
Master P – The Gift (Return Of The Ice Cream Man) Mixtape

A Master P mixtape? UGGHHH!!! And Silk Tha Shocker on there? Just when I was about to throw in that figurative towel and say that February was completely wack, there’s a new Master P tape. He must have read last week’s column with that quip about his little group with Alley Boy and Fat Trel. Or maybe he has some SXSW shows coming up. Or maybe both!

zaytoven zone 3 mixtape
Zaytoven – Zone 3 Mixtape

Shoutout to Zay, shoutout to Zay, shoutout to Zay!

One of the highlights from Migos’ No Label 2 tape is all the Zaytoven production. Like the clouds parted and a sun ray beamed down from the heavens, that’s how his organ chords feel. Migos sound more polished and clever – two words I didn’t expect to use in describing this trio – especially given that YRN didn’t sound so processed. It’s not that I don’t like it, but more so that it needs to grow on me. I wish I had the luxury of being able to listen to music all day at work, but I don’t. My phone calls with customers would probably improve if they could hear Migos chanting “Fight Night” in the background.

I know, I know, I sound like one of those awful hipster rap bloggers – I swear I shower on a regular basis!! – who loves an artist until the masses discover how great said artist is, and then they’re over them, or whatever.

Anyway, Zaytoven also dropped an entire tape called Zone 3 this week. I don’t recognize most of these artists, and I like it that way.

Update: LiveMixtapes is incapacitated at the moment so download the tape here.

dj bandz we are chiraq lil durk live that life
Lil Durk – “Live That Life”

From DJ Bandz’ We Are Chiraq tape, the first single comes from Lil Durk. Can’t think too hard about this one. “Live That Life.” Turn up. Etc. He’s still one of my favorites, consistently churning out music that is of high quality, unlike some of his other Chiraq counterparts. How can you not vibe to the fact he’s trying to take care of his crew and his family?

PeeWee Longway – “7 Days” Video

In the same studio where I witnessed Metro’s magic, I was walking through the way room, past one couch of many, and someone pointed to a couch.

“That’s PeeWee,” he said, pointing to the guy who was sleeping face down on one of the couches. Really, it could have been anyone, and I wouldn’t have been any wiser. And that’s my PeeWee story.

“7 Days” looks like it could have been created on the same day as their “Loaded” video. If the premise of the video worked once, then it will work again.

Future Freestyles Over A Metro Boomin/Southside Beat

Blondes have more fun. That’s the only conclusion I reached while watching Goldilocks serenade-freestyle line after line for Tim Westwood, who appeared to almost be speechless at times. It was a little uncomfortable, but we all learned that Future freestyles everything, which no one should be surprised about.

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