The World According To Julie J: No “Moscato” For Me, Please

05.03.14 4 years ago 9 Comments

“Moscato” is pretty 2009, and it was never a fascination that I understood. I can’t imagine a more unenjoyable drunk than, say, drinking a bottle of sweet, sparkling dessert wine. Was is Drake that did this? Can I still blame Aubrey? I think so, on both accounts.

Detail and Future’s “Moscato” surfaced online sometime this week. Maybe it’s from the Moscato era? Maybe not? It comes at a curious time, specifically after Future told an interviewer that he and Detail had a drunken phone conversation – too much Moscato? – and that Detail would cover him on publishing for “Drunk In Love.” “Curious” is also an accurate way to describe Detail and his rapping.

Young Thug – “Damn Well”

On any given week, there might be between five and ten songs (or more) that are either a YT song, or feature the dude. No one is really seeming to quite grasp the idea that maybe if you have a YT feature, it won’t separate you from the rest of the dudes who also have one of his features, and are dropping their songs, too.

“Damn Well” could also be the best Thugger track that came out this week. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t completely wacked out one night this week on allergy medicines, and even had to drink some codeine cough syrup at night just to sleep, and I wasn’t staggering around my home all woozy, barely able able to walk.

I woke up the next morning, and thought about Thugger singing about how he feels like Fabo, but I felt like Thugger. That doesn’t really have anything to do with “Damn Well,” but it’s kind of in the spirit of Young Thug, I’d say. I don’t know how these rappers can handle all these drugs. That life is not the life for me.

K Camp – “Draft Day Freestyle”

That K Camp. He’s all about his fans, and lets us know throughout his own freestyle of “Draft Day.”

Besides that, though, he’s also demonstrating his versatility here, stepping outside of the normal producers he likes to work with, like Big Fruit and the 808 Mafia members, to try and excel at, something new. We all know, too, that those brags heard in here about Warner Brothers and Interscope are clearly not fictional, and he illustrates why.

que trinidad james time remix

Que Ft. Trinidad James – “Time (Remix)”

“Time” is just as good as it was the day that it dropped, just as good as the day that I first heard it, just as good as the day that it appeared on his Who Is Que EP, and you know where else I’m going.

Of course it gets a remix, and I can’t help but feeling a pinch of irony at Trinidad James being on a song about time being of the essence. Dude’s buzz definitely wasn’t what it was a year or so ago; in fact, arguably, he and Que have switched spots in terms of their buzz. The more that I sit and ponder it, the more baffled I feel at Trinidad James really not doing much else besides releasing one tape that reached the masses, signing a $2 million deal with Def Jam, dropping a mediocre tape that no one cared about except maybe his mom, and then nothing else. I’m trying not to think too hard about it all because I’ve had the flu all week and that sh*t is exhausting in and of itself.

But, no more digressing. I tend to think of TJ has Def Jam’s pricey little mistake. His first line had me feeling way more hope than when Obama was elected in ‘08…and then he hit that AutoTune that I was not prepared for…and then he did the Migos flow. And shouted them out. Too much for my post-flu recovery. As indicated in that first paragraph, though, there’s nothing that anyone can really do to ruin “Time,” except maybe waste it.

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