The World According To Julie J: Save The Blue M&Ms For Me

05.24.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

peewee longway the blue m&m mixtape

Since PeeWee Longway’s tape dropped earlier in the week, it’s become the soundtrack for my work days. Having to pause The Blue M&M, whether for a phone call or a meeting or whatever, brought distress and annoyance.

In the last year or so, PeeWee has delivered one vociferous guest verse after another. While he might have been overshadowed by the tall, lanky Young Thug at one point or another, the short and rotund rapper proves that he possessed more than enough charisma to carry an entire tape on his own.

The little guy can spit, and he’s entertaining. On “Ola,” for example, he and Offset bring out the weirdness in each other, particularly with multiple mentions of centipedes and the ambiguous “your bitch.” PeeWee isn’t grating, or above and beyond comprehension. There is also a noticeable absence of Auto-Tune, which makes his flow all the more potent. Listening to his tape made me realize just how much he stands out with his fellow contemporaries like Migos, Thugger, Rich The Kid, Jose Guapo, Johnny Cinco.

For the record, I do like every type of M&M. And pretty much all types of cookies.

DownloadPeeWee Longway – The Blue M&M Mixtape

fredo santana lil reese young chop thats-a-no-no

Fredo Santana & Lil Reese – “That’s A No No” (Prod. By Young Chop)

There’s something about Fredo Santana and Lil Reese informing their listeners “That’s A No No.” Like, I can’t keep a straight face when listening to it, but God forbid actually laughing at it because Fredo would probably come hunt me down after reading this. Or I’d be doomed if I ever left my basement and traveled to Chicago, as much as I’d like to visit that city.

If there’s any question about it, the duo probably answers it. Wife a thot? That’s a no no. Among other gems, they recommend “Don’t be a hero like Finding Nemo.” Tell that to the costumed super heroes running around my town.

I’ve always felt that Young Chop should score the soundtrack for a horror movie when he makes beats like this. With Fredo and Reese almost scolding us, though, this whole instance would belong in Goosebumps more than an actual, terrifying horror movie.

Cap 1 & OJ Da Juiceman Ft. 2 Chainz – “Anywhere” Video

Cap 1 watered down the concentration of OJ Da Juiceman, and I think that’s ultimately why I liked their Clock Werk tape so much. Even though they’re all bragging about having plugs anywhere, doesn’t it seem like they’re the ones transporting it? I don’t see very many weed carriers. At least they’re staying out of trouble.

Anyway, OJ has been pretty quiet lately. I wonder what he’s got cooking up in the kitchen.

Rich The Kid Ft. Migos – “Trap” Video

Among the various artists with variations of “Rich” and “Kid” in their name, Rich The Kid – besides Rich Kidd and Rich Kidz, and possibly one other that I feel like I’m forgetting – might be my favorite. From their Streets On Lock 3 mixtape, the famous Migos trio lend some support to their fellow QC Label member with “Trap.”

The video isn’t anything mind blowing, but I do love how Zaytoven is enthusiastically dancing around in the background. Last week I made mention of producers who are now rapping, and Zaytoven is among the latest to do that. He, Southside, and Lex Luger (again) all dropped tracks this week, but last week’s crop in The World… was more enjoyable.

Kolley – “Hanna” Video

Who’s fault is it that “Hanna” is so popular? Would Miley’s character, minus the H at the end, be as notoriously famous today if it weren’t for her? Or Migos? Furthermore, is “Hanna” the new way to refer to white girls in general? ‘Hey, look at those Hannas over there.’ Or maybe it could be another slightly less offensive acronym for thots – Those Hanna’s Over There? Okay, I’m done.

Anyway, Kolley is the latest artist to have his heart stolen by that biotch or those biotches, “Hanna.” Kolley also has a tape out named RNS, which can be downloaded here, that’s ridiculously polished for a newcomer. Kolley found his lane early, and we’ll see if he ends up veering out of it. My guess is that he won’t, and no one will be mad about that.

zach farlow k camp how it goes

Zach Farlow Ft. K Camp – “How It Goes (Remix)”

“How It Goes” is one of the more mellow cuts from The Great Escape, with Zach Farlow singing about the ebb and flow of life. There is lots of harmonizing and Auto-Tuning as one of the it-boys of the moment, K Camp, adds some insight to the remix. Even though the content of the song seems to be mellow, it’s hard to believe that either of these two artists are so willing to let things happen around them.

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