The World According to Julie J: New Music From Waka, Gucci, Young Thug, Lil Durk & More

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waka flocka flake re-up mixtape cover

SXSW was last week and that’s still all that I want to talk about. I’m proud to say that I’m being less e-creepy now that I’ve settled back into my little routine at home. Thank you for your patience while I readjusted.

Down to business.

A new Waka Flocka Flame tape. A NEW WAKA FLOCKA TAPE?! The latter was how I actually responded IRL when he gave us a day or two advance notice of dropping his tape. A gaggle of new songs, with a bunch of BAOW’s, SQUADDD’s, and RIVERDALE’s, is the perfect soundtrack for weekend mischief. Don’t mind if I do!

DownloadWaka Flocka Flame – Re-Up Mixtape

gucci mane young thug bricks like a project cover

Gucci Mane & Young Thug – “Bricks Like A Project”

I have less to say about Waka than I do “Bricks Like A Project.”

Nary a week will pass where there isn’t a Young Thug and/or Gucci Mane drop of some sort. There’s no escaping these two. Even though Guwop is locked up, he’s more consistent than most of the rappers who made the migration to SXSW.

And Thugger…who really knows about him. Thinking about, and trying to understand his label situation uses far more brain cells than I’d care to spend on a weekend, and even then, then what? Every artist he’s worked with decides to drop their songs because he’s hot?

My stream of consciousness aside, these two are everywhere. On “Bricks Like A Project,” Mr. Mane explains the meaning of a bando, and Thugger dares us to imagine him having a clone (does that give a new meaning to Thugger Thugger, or nah?).

All you need to know about Young Thug can be understood in his recent, astonishing interview.

Que Ft. Lizzle & Trey Songz – “Too Much”

Que keeps the momentum moving forward with what could be his last release before March 25th’s Who Is Que EP to iTunes. We’re always rooting for him.

“Too Much” featuring a singing and rapping Trey Songz, in addition to someone named Lizzle. Definitely a good look for the youngster, as it serves as another way to conquer another segment. It definitely moves in a different direction than his street singles, but I suppose an entire EP of “OG Bobby Johnson” and “Clip So Long”-type of songs would be exhausting. It’d be the equivalent of staying up all night and having to recover by sleeping for 24 hours straight.

Lil Durk – “10K”

Durk speaks of his spending habits in “10K.” In Durk’s world, shoes, watches, and lawyers all cost the same. “10K” is rumored to appear on his second installment to last year’s Signed To The Streets. Between this, Gates’ By Any Means, and springtime, there’s too much excitement for one month.

Gangsta Boo, La Chat, & Mia X – “Bitchy” (Prod. By DJ Paul)

This is the type of girl power type crap that I like, if you even want to go there with it. Or, the reason that I like it isn’t because it’s affirming girl power, but because Gangsta Boo, La Chat, and Mia X are talking some sh*t over my bae DJ Paul’s production. Three bitches being bitchy.

og chess jungle club ep

OG Che$$ – Jungle Club EP

Earlier this week, I received an email with the subject line “Fwd: Urgent EP Submission.” I really don’t even know what that means; will the EP self-destruct if it isn’t listened to in time, or will it vanish into cyber space if the email isn’t opened quick enough? The strangeness piqued my interest, and the music kept me listening.

Houston rapper OG Che$$ and his Jungle Club EP were actually the subject matter of said email. I let it ride at work and it was really quite pleasant to hear. Once part of a duo with Travi$ Scott, Chess strikes out with producers Kae Tea and JHowell, the guys behind Cudi’s “Daps & Pounds,” for a seven-song set.

Donkey Ft. KT & Trouble – “Where Would I Be” Video

Aside from the fact that Trouble is featured in both the song and video for “Where Would I Be,” it’s one of those songs that makes one reflect about life.

Without delving too deep, I’ve been thinking about how far I’ve come lately and the people that have helped me along the way. “Where Would I Be” is one of those songs that hits at the right time. KT’s soulful chorus gave the Bad Azz emcee’s song another dimension, too, and both rappers add their own reflections.

Grip Plyaz – “Leanin’ & Swervin’” Music Video

Grip Plyaz gives off this vibe that he’s almost just too cool. Like he’s one of those cool people that everyone tries to emulate, and he’s completely unaware that a.) everyone wants to be like him and b.) that he’s “cool.”

“Leanin’ & Swervin’” is from Purp, Wind, & Fire, and the visual treatment for it is exactly what you’d expect with a song named that. It also serves as visual proof of just how cool Grip is.

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