The Netherlands End Brazil’s World Cup Nightmare

07.12.14 4 years ago 8 Comments

It was all good just a week ago, well, right before Neymar broke his back and Silva gave up a soft yellow. Germany proceeded to whup that ass. Now The Netherlands can boast all the way to Amsterdam with their 3-0 triumph over Brazil.

A penalty struck home by Robin van Persie off a foul drawn by Arjen Robben (SURPRISE!) saw Brazil go down 1-0 after only two minutes. Then Daley Blind’s floater in the box saw Brazil’s defense look like Amateur difficulty on FIFA 14. The score went 2-0 for the Dutch after 16 minutes and, after that, the usual yellow cards and blue balls in the final third persisted. Georginio Wijnaldum gave Selecao their final FU with a first-time strike in stoppage time. Netherlands coasted in their clean sheet and Brazil gave up 10 goals in five days.

It’s odd watching Brazil as such a dominant side fall all the way off after witnessing their stacked teams in ’94 and ’02. Now their current squad has to take that walk of shame, at home no less, and go down as one of the worst generations in the country’s history.

This squad didn’t have had the chops to win what with Neymar still emerging, a midfield where Oscar’s tasked to create the offense almost by himself and the likes of Fred and Jo as their best strikers. Either way. they shouldn’t have gone out in such embarrassing fashion. Here’s hoping they bounce back for Russia in four years.

Let’s not forget to congratulate Netherlands for reaching third place, though. Their shoddy performance during the 2012 Euros wrote them out of many football hipsters’ brackets. However, they evidently had that battery in their back when they thrashed Spain 5-1 at the tournament’s start. The Dutch had the tools to be a dark horse in this tournament, damn near pulled it off and would rather play in tomorrow’s final. At least their journey ends with a win and we don’t have to see Arjen Robben flop anymore. Thanks, World Cup.

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