The World According To Julie J: Doing What I Want

06.14.14 4 years ago 2 Comments

My city is cool and all, but Chicago and Atlanta seem so endless and full of opportunities. Although I don’t feel as strongly about Chicago as I do Atlanta, likely because I always have fun there and haven’t visited Chicago, both have equally incredible amounts of talented artists and I’m always checking for music from there.

As the title suggests, ChiLanta is the best of both scenes. DJ Bandz, DJ Victoriuz, and DJ Lil Keem make it easy for us by rounding up a mix of older cuts like “Chicago Conscious” and “New Atlanta” and some previously unreleased ones, including Young Chop rapping on “All I Got.”

“Trap House” is pulling double duty, appearing both on ChiLanta and DJ Holiday’s upcoming mixtape called Thank God For The Mixtape. Migos and Ca$h Out pledge their allegiance to the trap. Ca$h Out’s performance reminded me of what someone said over at Passionweiss earlier this week, that he’s still looking for that elusive hit, ironically while jacking a Johnny Cinco song. This time around, he’s channeling his inner Ice JJ Fish, so take that for what you will.

“Trenchez” is another slapper, too, with Migos yet again, and tape host Skippa Da Flippa taking a break from hosting duties to step into the booth. Billed as a “plink-plonk banger” by the PR that found its way to my inbox, …I lost my train of thought but mostly just wanted to mention that. But a banger, yes, that is not arguable.


Gucci Mane Ft. Young Thug – “Panoramic Roof” (Prod. By Zaytoven)

Gucci and Thugger, with the help of Zaytoven, on the virtues of a having a “Panoramic Roof” in your whip(s). Perhaps Gucci gets weird with Thugger, or they bring out the best in each other. Seemingly unrelated, almost everything Gucci Po A Pint raps about may or may not have contributed to his demise and current incarcerated situation.

WW3D is coming, whether we’re ready or not. Chances are, we’re not. Let’s just hope that the final version of “Panoramic Roof,” on the Purple Album with Young Thug, will not be the clean version.

KD – “On Ma”

With their slow, methodical, and borderline grandiose instrumental, B.Kirk and BFlatTrax make the listener feel like he or she is walking into an ambush as soon as KD starts spitting. Birmingham’s own has an energy that is so potent that it’s contagious, and he is clearly fired up about something in “On Ma.”

Travis Porter Ft. Cap 1 & SOS – “4 The Fuck Of It”

Even though Travis Porter has entire mixtape worth of material that dropped within the last couple weeks, “4 The Fuck Of It” floating out of the Internets earlier this week. For no real reason that I can think of, I always get excited when I see Cap 1’s name anywhere. And I’m always excited about Travis Porter.

DJ Don Jr. Ft. TC Gambino “MCPH”

No to be confused with our beloved TC, TC Gambino hails from Alabama, and unites with DJ Spinz, who is really as solid of a producer and as integral to the scene as they come. He was also nice when I briefly met him in Atlanta, so that’s cool, too.

“MCPH” is his ode to a couple female scumbags named Miley Cyrus and Paris Hilton. That artwork is kind of trippy, and I think I like it almost as much as I like this song. It looks like the overpriced, modern artwork that I always see on Gilt every morning as I peruse the sales instead of getting started on actual work stuffs.

Casino Ft. Young Thug & Young Scooter “Do What I Want”

I can’t remember the last time a song so summed up my life quite like “Do What I Want.” Casino gets me without knowing me, because I sure as hell do what I want almost 100% of the time. Other than having to wake up and go to work Monday through Friday, and make sure my cats are fed, I don’t have much in the way of responsibilities.

Even though Casino is one of the best yell rappers of all time (along with Meek Mill obviously), he tones it down here and doesn’t sound like he’s voicing his aggressions at the listener. In fact, both him and Thugger aren’t as polarizing as they tend to be, and Young Scooter is, of course, Young Scooter, i.e. highly indifferent to everything that’s going on around him.

Now I’m off to “Do What I Want,” just like Casino.

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