World’s Fair Preps For Summer By Dropping The Chilly “Snow About 10 Feet”

By: 06.10.14

If the title “Snow About 10 Feet” wasn’t enough to direct listeners to where World’s Fair’s collective head is, then all one has to do is hear the Black Noi$e production. Slowly churning and cool, the Queens emcees pass the verses back and forth like a charred cigarette on a chilly subway platform.

The unseasonable “Snow About 10 Feet” marks World’s Fair’s third release in about a month and a half, after the sparse “Uh Huh” and slapping “N.A.A.S.” They’re currently on a quickie tour of the East Coast but perhaps this recent output hints that a new project is coming soon. Let’s hope that we won’t have to wait until winter for it.

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