Wrap Up The Summer With The Sounds Of “Euphoria”

08.25.12 5 years ago 6 Comments

The summer’s fast approaching finale has got me pretty bummed out. The season’s been a bit cooler on the east coast than years past but that’s to my liking. And, coincidentally, the tempered weather serves as a fitting backdrop for Euphoria, a laid-back project featuring L.A.’s Iman Omari and Jersey’s Moruf.

Unlikely can’t describe how a chance encounter led to a strong effort from the two. Iman’s soulful beats and backing vocals complement Moruf’s rhymes as if they’ve been working together for years. The free-spirited vibe throughout makes the tracks easy on the ears and, although Euphoria’s a compact listen, it’s definitely built for multiple plays. I’ll take nine cohesive songs over 20+ cries for attention any day.

The free album’s been around for a while: a month and change in fact. However the race the first place isn’t all that important if the music doesn’t last past a day. Set aside a half hour, sit back and let Euphoria ride. It’s a nice treat which smoothly closes the season off.

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