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12.18.08 9 years ago 16 Comments

It’s fitting that Nelly & Ashanti are a couple because their careers mirror each other to a T. After years of Pop stardom, their time in the limelight has all but flickered out, while fans have grown up/tired or moved onto another artists. Emphasis on the “moved on,” because the quality of their music hasn’t changed. Back when I listened to Ashanti’s latest album, the first thing that popped into my mind is “she’s too old to still be singing these songs.”

As for Nelly, I never actually got around to Brass Knuckles. But TC said it’s no better or worse than anything else he’s ever put out. He may not have a single in proportion to “Hot In Herre,” “Country Grammer” or anything else he’s done; but it consists of the Pop-Hop he’s known for.

So my line of thinking is wouldn’t it be better for them to slide into the background and write for the infinate supply of young pop acts that come and go like comets? Imagine if Yung Berg, V.I.C., or Soulja Boy had got their hands on “Wadsyaname” instead of Nelly? We’d probably still hear that song playing and we’d never have to hear “The Business,” “Get Silly,” or “Bird Walk.” It’s not the music, it’s the package. The 106 & Park set like new packages and the music is secondary in most cases. It’s obvious the two still have a love for music, but with all the endeavors they have outside of music, something has to go.

So concentrate on the movies, clothing lines, & endorsements which already occupy 90% of your time anyway. Let someone else present your genius to the 16-21 year old masses, because there’s nothing wrong with the music itself – unfortunately it’s you.

In full disclosure, I bought Nellyville when it came out. I own Ashanti’s first album and it’s still in my possession. A few months after buying Nellyville, I threw it out my car window into a bus stop full of teenagers and drove off. Not that I didn’t like it – but I could only listen so many times before “Dilemma” & “Air Force Ones” wears on you.

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