Wu-Tang Circa ’96.

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Wu-Tang Clan - Mystagogue Vol. II Mixtape

Straight swiped from SOHH so props to them & poster, Razah Cuts, for the info, images & links.

“Mystagogue Vol. II was only ever released on audiotape, around 1996 or ’97, packaged as a freebie with Slap skateboard magazine. In order to get it you had to buy the issue that was sold in skateboard shops (i.e., it wasn’t packaged with bookshop or other newsstand copies). This is pretty early Wu, and at the time they had a board company that sponsored Kevin Taylor, who’s now with Zoo York. The mix itself is gritty Rza, with bits from Tical adn 36 Chambers mixed with jazz and funk.”

This came in polybagged with a Slap skateboard mag, but you had to get it at a legit skateshop. They were freebies, but weren’t sent to bookstores or other newsstands. Super good, really gritty Rza. Funny, it sorta has that indie/MF Doom feel that people are talking about now, but this was like in 1996.

I haven’t listened yet but from the response it’s received, it has been enlisted to be a part of the Sunday drive/Monday morning power rush to work playlist. I really wish I had a reason to put on the Aiwa earmuffs, walk to a cornerstore to pick up a Philly and listen to it in that context.

Side A

Side B

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