The iPod Shuffle – Wyclef Jean’s “Apocalypse”

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
01.16.13 3 Comments

We’d all be dead if the “Mayan prophecy” was right. That’s right, DEAD. Yet here we are alive and kicking; laughing at those long gone Mayans and their doomsday prophecies. Their missed call reminds me of a time in the ’90s where rappers had impressionable youths like me scared about the year 2000. The earth was supposed end via imploding on itself while sending everyone spiraling into space…or something. Smart dumb rappers got it wrong too but at least their doomsaying ways produced some good music.

Take Wyclef Jean’s “Apocalypse” off his debut album The Carnival for example. The song paints a grim picture of the last days which, like previously mentioned, didn’t sit well with me. Then the drums kicked in and everything became AG. The record’s too smooth to have any second thoughts on impending doom and serves as a great lead off for the rest of Wyclef’s best solo effort. Plus seeing a man of Haitian descent gain mainstream success was huge for little-me and the feeling, as well as the quality music on the album, resonates with me to this day.

In other news, a recent email thread inspired this post. This particular discussion saw an inquisitive J. Tinsley recall the younger Clef rapping here in top form. There’s much doubt he’ll return to past glory. At least we have 24 tracks of Clef at his best.

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