XBox One To Receive A Serious Price Drop Next Month

05.13.14 4 years ago 17 Comments

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E3’s not for another month but that hasn’t stopped Flex bombs from hitting gamer Twitter. Microsoft via Larry Hryb recently announced starting June 9, a Kinect-free version of Xbox One hits stores at $399: an enticing $100 slash. Apps like Netflix and Hulu free themselves from Xbox Live’s paywall sometime in June as well.

This is only good news as a seasoned gamerbro consumer set in my ways. Kinect sports some nice dashboard implementation but, in games, its inclusion feels mostly forced. All in all, it never felt like it added $100 of value to the One. Plus I’m on my feet enough during the day. I’d rather press buttons and vegetate during play sessions. Such attitude doesn’t push for full-on “innovation.” Yet it still beats doing awkward motions while the console struggles to pick up my voice. I’ll take my advances in gaming when they’re not cumbersome, thanks.

Moving apps off the paywall’s a positive step that’s been a long time coming, too. There’s never been a good reason to make Netflix or HBO Go customers pay extra to access content on Xbox Live. These systems are about taking over the family room now, not your bedroom, after all. So ridding this restriction ought to make the One more enticing for potential buyers with entertainment centers. Current Xbox One owners in the the first-world struggle ought to raise a glass in celebration as well.

Sony, you see Microsoft making moves, ha?! You should go ahead and cut that PS4 down to $300. Throw in anything but Knack and I’m there on Black Friday.*

* – Now I know the PS4’s price tag probably won’t budge, but I can dare to dream.

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