Video Of Xzibit Attempting To Pimp A Guy’s Face With A Steel Chair Surfaces

04.24.14 4 years ago 13 Comments

Xzibit altercation

If you’re booking Xzibit for a show, it may be in your best interest to make sure all of his needs are met and are up to his standards. An Aussie promoter learned this the hard way.

Patrick ‘Mastercraft’ Whyntie found himself the subject of Xzibit’s rage on Wednesday when the promoter allegedly sent a “dodgy old Subaru with broken windows” to pick up the rapper for a show Down Under.

In the surfaced clip, X To The Z is seen pissed to the highest levels of pisstivity, picking up a steel chair and throwing it in Minecraft’s direction before knuckling up and yelling out expletives.

According to the video’s uploader:

Apparently Xzibit was picked up from the airport in a dodgy old Subaru with broken windows. Had to catch taxis to sound check. Got to sound check and nothing was set up. At 5pm the show was about to be canned. When it came time to come down to the show, his crew tried calling Pat to find out where their ride was. No answer. Pat was on stage performing. So they caught cabs again. That’s why in X’s words, “I smacked his bitch ass as soon as he walked off stage”. No doubt why he also made reference to picking if you want to be a rapper or a promoter. Not both.

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