Yelawolf – “Deer Mama”

01.08.10 8 years ago 28 Comments

Words by Landon A.

The “mama song” has been a cornerstone in hip-hop since the very beginning. Pac dropped a kite to his mother with “Dear Mama,” Yeezy praised his mother’s unseen talents with “Hey Mama,” hell even Mr. T let the world know just how much that special lady in his life meant to him.

Hot on the heels of his bucket banger, Trunk Muzik, Yelawolf makes sure to stay fresh in your ears by hopping on Atlanta-based production team SMKA’s second installment to the illustrious 808 Experiment with its first official leak, “Deer Mama.”

Catfish Billy wastes no time spilling his heart about his main woman. Yela smothers his Southern drawl like gravy over a soulful beat laced up with a “Shaft” sample and drum arrangements that give the track the down South kick it needs. If you didn’t listen to a word Mr. T said way back when, take this as an opportunity to give your birth-giver a big hug.

<a href="">&quot;Deer Mama&quot; &#8211; Yelawolf by SMKA</a>

SMKA’s The 808 Experiment Vol. 2 will drop January 18th and features verses from A.Leon Craft, Tanya Morgan, Playboy Tre and Pill among others.

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