Coming Attractions: Yelawolf Live In Nashville

01.10.11 7 years ago 21 Comments

Let’s do the important things first.

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Simply put, Music City lacks the proper platform to display our kind of music. So, I started reaching out to a few rapper friends who we’ve supported us here at TSS, the guys who’ve shown us love in return. Also, I got together with like-minded friends in the area – specifically the curators and tastemakers behind PhatKaps Boutique, Culture Shock Mag and 2LsOnACloud for this go-round and many more down the line. We all decided to put on for the city.

Starting with Yelawolf was an easy choice, largely because he’s a.) got ties to the city having lived here at one point b.) next up on the national rap radar and c.) the motherf*cker goes harder on stage than most artists, new or old. His stage energy and presence are unmatched, making him the perfect guy to kick in the door and start the series of shows the right way.

He’ll be taking the stage with his “Box Chevy Part 3” brethren, Rittz. Having seen this portly, long-bearded Slumerican signee rock previously too, I’m anxious and appreciative to him along for the ride. To round it out, we’re going to bring up a few Cashville artists to make sure all bases are covered.

More shows. More cities. All coming soon.


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