Tracklistings: YG’s ‘My Krazy Life’

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First, the particulars.

Who: YG

What: His debut album, My Krazy Life

When: To be released on March 18

Where: Pre-order on iTunes or get real nostalgic and stop by your local record shop

Why: Because someone out there cares

Tracklist: Below

1. “The Put On Intro”
2. “Bpt”
3. “I Just Wanna Party” (Feat. ScHoolboy Q & Jay Rock)
4. “Left, Right” (Feat. DJ Mustard)
5. “Bicken Back Being Bool”
6. “Meet the Flockers” (Feat. Tee Cee)
7. “My N***a” (Feat. Jeezy & Rich Homie Quan)
8. “Do It To Ya” (Feat. TeeFLii)
9. “Me & My Bi**h” (Feat. Tory Lanez)
10. “Who Do You Love?” (Feat. Drake)
11. “Really Be (Smokin’ N Drinkin’)” (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)
12. “1Am”
13. “Thank God (Interlude)” (Feat. Big TC & RJ)
14. “Sorry Momma” (Feat. Ty Dolla $ign)

Now, the random thoughts.

The main concern for Krazy is the over-reliance on DJ Mustard. There’s developing an undeniable chemistry with a producer. And there’s running to the well so often the water becomes tainted. So here’s to hoping YG spreads his Compton wings and creates magic with other beatsmiths if for no other reason than to keep our ears honest.

However, with that main worry being put on wax, it’s tough to shake the feeling YG pushing his album back to next month could pay dividends. Buddy isn’t reminding anyone of the second coming of Kendrick from a lyrical vantage point. Yet, the most predominant advantage he has going for him is the ability to create carefree, party-driven numbers. Admittedly, part of that has to do with whoever he has riding shotgun on the record, but that doesn’t much matter in locations where YG’s music sounds most instictive – in the whip or around friends when the drinks are cold and the music is loud.

With the weather eventually pointing towards the warmer – unless the East Coast is subjected to polar vortexes the rest of the year – Krazy could conceivably be the album that takes up residency as the spring mainstay and helping provide the springboard into one hell of a summer. In other words, don’t fall victim in judging this album on the strength of what it sounds like via Macbook speakers.

Worst case scenario, these thoughts are horrifically off-base and the album becomes the new standard bearer for what a 3 Cig project embodies. We’ll find out in less than a month, I guess.

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