How ‘My Krazy Life’ Came Together, According To YG

07.13.14 4 years ago 8 Comments

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Deny it. That’s fine.

Refuse to acknowledge its true place in the current landscape. That’s fine, too.

Regardless of the space, time or nature of the debate, YG’s My Krazy Life undoubtedly stands as one of the brightest and most notable moments in 2014’s musical landscape. The man of the hour sat down with R&R giving an in-depth glimpse into the creation of the album. He credits names like Terrace Martin and Ty Dolla $ign with helping give the project more of an album ambiance as opposed to mixtapes which people had come to expect only one style of delivery and output from Compton’s newest firecracker.

For those like myself wondering what and when the next visual from MKL would be, the wait is nearly over and the choice is a dandy: “Bicken Back Being Bool.”

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