“Yo Mama!”

08.02.08 9 years ago 10 Comments

Words By David D.

My inner-Contra tells me to hate this song and group as they should probably represent some sort of growing ignorance in our community…but dammit, this shit is funny. See, as I’ve said before, I don’t mind ignorance that knows it’s ignorant. And don’t forget, previous generations had Pharcyde’s “Yo Momma” so it’s only fair the current generation gets their’s.

Bow Wow prances around like he’s cool and seemingly oblivious to the fact that most people over the age of 15 consider him a talentless joke.

Hot Stylz know they are making joke music. It’s enjoyable and laugh out loud funny. This song is, well, more of the same ignant ass dissing as “Looking Ass Aggin” with lines like: “Yo momma stripper name is STOP!”

They do a good job of recycling old jokes we grew up on to give the song a nostalgic feel while also throwing some fresh jabs in.

Warning — Keep away from children unless you wanna get a call from the principal tomorrow morning cuz little Rosherica told someone they had a face like Midget Mac.

Hot Stylz – Yo Mama

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