Boo Boo Blows Yogi Bear’s Brains Out

12.14.10 7 years ago 23 Comments

The Internet is just overflowing with ingenious bastards that we should just all sing praises to celebrate the day computers became more than just databases. The entire galaxy shifted the moment we tapped into the viral labyrinth nicknamed to most as the “innernuts.” A place where kooks, crazies and the creative mind frames all manage to derive works of art from the part of the brain only Harry Potter can use. We’re a long way from the days when parodies were simply paper cutouts erked-and-jerked by not-so-invisible strings and voiced by the same dork holding the camera. These days, Youtubers are mimicking actual movie studios down the CGI modules. What in thee fluck?

According to Entertainment Weekly, animator Edmund Earle is no amateur but his name just started a buzzing with his latest stroke of brilliance. Inspired by the upcoming Yogi Bear live-action flick, he dived headfirst into his drawing board and injected the campy, picnic basket-stealing cultural icon with a taste of the dark side of human nature. He even got the blessings from the Warner Bros. studio. If only Disney had such mature tastes…

Borrowing its script from The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, I can see this going multiple angles. Imagine Boo Boo sending Yogi out to fish on the lake in Yellowstone before making his skull shark bait, à la The Godfather Part II. Or how about a New Jack City scenario with Yogi pleading “Picnic baskets…we all we got” right before a remorseful Boo Boo leaves him lifeless on the roof of a cabin. It’s so humorous, you could cry.

Cartoon graphic violence. Encourage every artist you know to become an advocate!

‘Yogi Bear’ Alternate Ending Creator: ‘It Seemed Ripe For Parody’ [PopWatch]

Thanx to fullmetallotus for the heads up.

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