“You Owe Me”

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Stay scheming, daydreaming.

If the reports are correct, Kelis is taking this divorce thing to a whole new depth of golddiggery.

Have you seen the crack pipe numbers her and her lawyers have reportedly cooked up? Take a gander:

According to docs filed by Kelis’ lawyer, disso queen Laura Wasser, the financial wizards have reviewed the earning of both parties to the divorce, and they’ve come to these conclusions.

— Nas pulls in $244,826 a month
— Kelis rakes in a relatively paltry $13,744 a month
— Kelis should get child support totaling $17,225 a month
— Kelis should get spousal support totaling $72,728
— Nas should pay retro child support totaling $29,522
— Nas should pay retro spousal support totaling $281,571

Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick, that is insane.

Again, this is from TMZ so you can pull that card all you want. But when is the last time they were really wrong about anything?

This broad wants more in child support than she earns, and about 5 times that in spousal support. Fair enough, chalk that one up to selfish, anger laden greed and disillusionment. The retroactive child support, I can dig. But this “retro spousal support” for $281,571 is plain lunacy. She’s charging him for time he was housing her. Word, son?

Usually, in divorce cases empathy goes with the woman because men are dogs and 99% of the time it’s just that simple. But the force of goldiggerdom is strong in this one.

I probably should hold my tongue as there are personal underlying issues that I’m certainly not privy to, but at a glance, this is all just bloody crazy. I’d be damned if this whole thing was about anything other than greenbacks and signed checks.

We all know Nas isn’t going to be making very much more money at this point. So she’s not trying to get her fair share, she’s trying to get it all.

Kelis — Nas Makes a Friggin’ Fortune [TMZ]

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