Young Thug – ‘You The World’ x ‘1017 Thug 3 Intro (Beast Mode)’

08.27.14 3 years ago 12 Comments

young thug you the world

Sometimes, I wonder if Young Thug is purposely trolling us all at his leisure. “You The World” ranks up there with the version of “Lifestyle” that has him crooning for some little doggy to get along, get along. It’s like stream of consciousness, but a special brand pioneered by Thugger. Really, that’s the only explanation and/or description that might explain him yelling “andale” more times than I can count, in between talking about garbage cans.

In case you were wondering who crafted the beat that inspired Thugger to get all James Joyce on us, and missed his drop at the beginning, it’s none other than C4. “You The World” is apparently on a joint project that they’ve got in the works titled Nerds. I like it already. Let’s hope it comes to light this year, unlike most of the rest of his rumored collab tapes.

Also, the intro to his Gucci-released 1017 Thug 3: The Finale also surfaced on the Internuts earlier this week. This project is slated for a Friday release, and we all know how well Gucci has adhered to his release schedule this year, so get that iTunes account ready.

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